20 Easily Duplicated Hairstyles for Medium-Length Curly Hair

We get it: You don't have curls for days, but you have enough hair that it requires some styling and upkeep. The best thing about medium-length curls is that they're manageable. It's all about knowing your texture and letting it work for you. Many people get this confused, so let's clear this up. Wearing your hair curly is not a singular style. While your hair is curly, there are countless hairstyles that'll look ever flattering. We're total advocates of letting your curls roam free as they please, but if you want to spice it up in the hair department, we also have endless cool styles on deck.

All curl grounds are covered: loose, spiral, barrel, and natural. Below are the celeb hairstyles for medium-length curly hair currently occupying space in our camera rolls.