10 Hairstyles to Ensure You Never Have a Bad Hair Day Again

There seems to be some cruel rule that ensures our hair only ever looks good when we have absolutely zero appointments in our calendar. And on days when we really, really need it to behave, knots, twists, and flips suddenly appear from thin air, styling it can feel like such a behemoth of a task that we usually give up after five minutes (okay, 30 seconds). For mornings when you stare your hair and think Why?!, the 10 hairstyles ahead are here to save the day. Whether it's the morning after a wild night out (or in—don’t underestimate our ability to consume copious amounts of wine while watching Vanderpump Rules), these hairstyles will guarantee your strands look polished for any occasion.

Keep scrolling to see the hairstyles that will save you on a bad hair day.