11 Hairstyles That Seem to Never Go Out of Fashion

Updated 05/02/19
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Most hairstyles come about in a flurry of Instagram hype and celebrity endorsement only to be filed away into the hair archives a few months (or even weeks later). But there is another class of hairstyle. In a league of their own, these hairstyles are so classic, they don't have even a hint of a time span. They manage to look modern and relevant, no matter what year they are worn. From ponytails to low buns, these hair looks are the sort you'll come back to again and again. What exactly are these illustrious hairstyles? Well, we're about to show you. Keep clicking and we'll walk you through the expiration-evading hairstyles that never seem to go out of fashion. 

Hairstyles: model with loose waves at Daks
Tabatha Fireman/BFC via Getty Images

Loose Waves

All hail the curling tong. For anyone with straight or mildly wavy hair, these soft, disheveled loose waves will always look effortless. Arm yourself with a texturizing spray like Oribe Dry Texturising Spray (£41). If you need help in the curling department, we've got you covered.

Hairstyles: Model with low ponytail at Loewe
Victor Virgile via Getty Images

Low Ponytail

Don't get us wrong, we love the cheekbone-chiselling power of a high ponytail, but take it a little lower, and it has a much more relaxed vibe that works on virtually every hair texture.

Hairstyles: slicked back hair at Nina Ricci
Lorenzo Pallazo via Getty Images

Slicked Back

There's something rather chic about slicking your whole head of hair back to make way for rather some glowy makeup. This tight silhouette works on Afro, curly, wavy and straight hair, and you'll find Bumble and bumble's Curl Anti-Humidity Gel-Oil (£25) a godsend for warding off crispy strands. See here for more wet-look hair inspiration.

Hairstyles: Model with hair tuck at Tibi
Victor Virgile via Getty Images

Tucked In

Ah, the trusty hair tuck. When this hairstyle first came round, we didn't think it would catch on. But it has. And it's been keeping our necks warm ever since. 

Hairstyles: Olivia Wilde half bun
Roy Rochlin via Getty Images

The Hun

If Sunday was a hairstyle it would be this: A half-up bun, affectionately coined The Hun. It is just as much a classic on short hair like Olivia Wilde's here, or on longer lengths. Finish with a light misting of Ouai's Memory Mist (£25).

Hairstyles: model with natural afro hair at Etam
Richard Bord via Getty Images

Teased Curls

It's been a long time coming, but thankfully the natural hair movement is upon us. Softly teasing curls with a wide-tooth comb (Ghd's Detangling Comb, £8 is gentle on fragile hair) will break them up a little and make them look more lived in.

Hairstyles: model with Milkmaid braids at Alice + Olivia
Rob Kim/Stringer via Getty Images

Milkmaid Braids

Milkmaid braids have the tendency to look a little twee, but ruffle them up a little and pull a few strands out, and you'll be onto something much more evergreen that works whether you have super-straight hair or the tightest coiled afro. Finish by rubbing a little bit of Redken Braid Aid (£12) over the plaits to give them definition and shine.

Hairstyles: model with shaggy bob at Isabel Marant
Victor Virgile via Getty Images

Shaggy Bob

The shaggy bob has had reincarnations in practically every single era, and the mussed-up long-fringed type isn't going anywhere fast. Windle and Moodie's Curl Enhancer (£15) will preserve the formation of curls and will ward off frizz.

Hairstyles: Yara Shahidi Top knot
Frazer Harrison via Getty Images

Top Knot

The humble top knot is a style that will always be there for you, whether you're heading to yoga, are chilling on the sofa, or have a party to attend and you can't face wearing your hair down. Kera Care's Edge Tamer (£6) will help style those shorter strands around the hairline.

Hairstyles: model with ribbon in hair at Temperley


Ribbons may have been a massive hit on this season's catwalks, but their reign outlasts the fashion cycle. Use yours as an Alice band, a bow to tie around a low bun or wrap tightly around the top of a ponytail and let the lengths hang free.

hairstyles: Ashley Olsen low bun
Kevin Mazur via Getty Images

Low-Slung Bun

The Olsen twins are experts in nonchalant hair, as proven by Ashley's low slung messy knot. It's a great way to disguise greasy roots between wash days, but Ouai's Dry Shampoo Foam (£24) will help too.

Up next, sick of your beret or baker boy hat ruining your hair? These hairstyles are basically indestructible when it comes to hats.

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