The Most Flattering Haircuts for Large Foreheads

I'd like to start by saying that having a big forehead does not equal being less beautiful. I mean, obviously. But it is true that we all have features we'd rather minimize, while accentuating others. I've had an arguably large forehead my entire life and chosen to completely disregard all the rules—I've never had bangs, I wear my hair parted down the middle, and I slick it back into a bun on most weekend mornings. I am, however, intrigued by the idea that your haircut can change the balance of your face. 

I talked to Wes Sharpton, the lead hairstylist at Hairstory Studio, about his thoughts on the subject.

"I rarely ever talk about haircuts in terms of what I don't like about someone. I think it's important to address what makes us unique as opposed to trying to hide imperfections. If something bothers you, you can acknowledge it, but I don't think that's the most important thing to focus on. Instead I like asking people what they like about themselves, eyes, eyebrows, cheekbones, etc. I think picking a haircut should show off something great about you.

"I also think it's important to be open to the idea that what you don't think looks good about you could be what people find attractive. For example, even Tyra Banks has been told that her forehead was 'too big,' and most people would describe her as beautiful. Nova, a former Hairstory employee, used to tell me that she couldn't wear short hair because her whole head was too big. When I finally convinced her to cut it, it ended up looking really striking. Ultimately, if you're self-conscious about your forehead, it's probably going to come down to a conversation on bangs, bangs with long hair, short hair, a mod look, or something of the like."

Never rule out a short cut just because you're self-conscious, but rather, go for it, because your defining features are your best assets. Or have your long hair styled in a such a way to keep all your proportions in check. Below, Sharpton explains four of his favorite cuts that do just that.

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