10 Haircuts That Stand the Test of Time

Nothing has the power to transform your look quite like your hair. A dramatically different haircut can mark the start of a new phase of your life or just a fresh direction in how you present yourself to the world. Certain haircuts and hairstyles certainly come and go with the times, falling in and out of style just like any fashion trend. Many of us wish not to revisit the haircuts we might have rocked back in middle school or the hottest trends we tried and have since forgotten (hello, crimping).

If present-day you has decided to take on a bold new look, you're likely to transform your hair in a way that will remain timeless, even if it is a striking departure from your current hairstyle. Safely and soundly switch up your look by opting for a classic 'do that has proven to be chic no matter the year. To help spark some inspiration, we've rounded up the haircuts that have stood the test of time.

See below for the top 10 haircuts that are here to stay.