The 15 Most Flattering Haircuts for Women With Oval Faces

All oval-faced peeps, please stand up! This one's for you. It's a beautiful thing to fully embrace your wide foreheads, curved chins, and striking jawline. And guess what: All the hair experts Byrdie HQ has ever interviewed consider your face shape the golden child of the bunch. You can literally wear any hairstyle your heart desires. Celebrity hairstylist Mika Fowler even told us this is the ideal face shape to have because you can rock any part. Cheers to hair versatility at its best!

Now that we've confirmed you have the best face for hair, let's talk the best haircuts for oval face shapes. Life's too precious to play it safe with your mane. Since you have the freedom to wear all the styles, you must take full advantage of that beauty privilege. Whether a new cut is on the horizon or you're craving a total switch-up, see all the styles we believe will flatter you the most below.