15 Cool Haircuts That Will Actually Make You Excited for Fall

You know those interesting little factoids telling us how much time we collectively spend doing something in the average lifetime? Well, I'd personally love to get my hands on a specified beauty-editor version: how many minutes we swatch lipsticks, how many liters of micellar water we use to remove said lipstick, the number of hours we spend looking at a Kardashian or Jenner, and how many seconds are solely employed in the name of hair analysis—be it our own or the enviable strands of models and celebrities. Our hunch? A lot. And come fall, our obsession with hair (cut, color, style—everything) only intensifies

It doesn't matter how many years we've spent removed from Lisa Frank notebooks, Gelly Roll pens, and Spacemaker cases (remember those?). Fall still precipitates an ingrained sense of urgency and rejuvenation when it comes to revamping our look, and isn't an epic new haircut the ultimate back-to-school-time accessory?

Since we do, in fact, spend copious amounts of time studying hair—from celeb-studded red carpets to model-strewn fashion shows to our own personal consultations with best-in-the-business stylists—it's pretty easy for us to predict which haircuts will be everywhere this fall. And this season, we've found 15, in particular, we're especially jazzed about. Keep scrolling for the only haircuts you need to know about this season. Now, it's just up to you to decide which one to fall for.