Ask a Hairstylist: What's the Best Cut for Girls Who Hate Styling?

Ever wish you had your own personal hairstylist at your beck and call, ready to offer their expertise for all your pressing hair dilemmas? We did, too, which is why we’re starting a new column called Ask a Hairstylist, featuring celebrity hairstylist Mark Townsend. (He’s responsible for the Olsens’ iconic tresses, coifs their younger sister Elizabeth, and styles the strands of Dakota Johnson, Shay Mitchell, and others. Oh, and he’s Dove’s go-to hair guru.) In this series, Townsend offers up the next best thing to having a 24/7 hairstylist: a seasoned pro who’s willing to answer all your burning (not literally) hair questions. We asked Townsend a user-submitted question from our Instagram: What’s the best haircut and style for someone who’s all about wash-and-go?

My number one rule when it comes to hair is a simple one: Don’t fight your texture! I often see clients who have deep-fried their hair to achieve a day-to-day look that just isn’t manageable. The straight-haired girls are curling and waving as if their lives depended on it, and the ladies with textures are straightening their hair to death. But it’s not their fault—they usually come in with a haircut that doesn’t allow their locks to air-dry beautifully. You have to have the right haircut for your texture to really wash-and-go with ease, but just think what you can do with the extra 30 minutes every day!

Keep scrolling to find out my advice on cuts for three types of hair textures and my styling tips!

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This post was originally published on August 25, 2016.