11 Haircuts You Should Try Before You Die—According to Celebrity Hairstylists

If you knew you were going to die tomorrow (think The Last Holiday but expedited) and had the opportunity to sit in the chair of one of the industry's best hairstylists, what instruction would you give them? Given just 24 more hours, would you get bangs? Shave your head? Pile on 10 pounds of extensions and ask said stylist to shape away layer after layer to their heart's content? Not to be morbid and not to shock you with such an upfront and briskly unappealing predicament, but to be honest, we've been curious. After all—and correct us if we're wrong—doesn't most of the trauma and intimidation associated a potentially major haircut stem from the fear we'll instantly regret (and maybe hate) our decision mere moments afterward? And then, gasp, be forced to live with it until it grows out?

So what if we took that murky afterward out of the equation altogether? If you didn't have to worry about maintenance, distaste, or regret in the days, weeks, months, even years post-haircut, would you opt for something completely outside of your comfort zone? Or a haircut you've always said you'll try but have never gotten around to trying or pinpointed the right stylist to execute?

Here at Byrdie, we have the goal of always challenging you to think beyond the parameters of "defined" beauty and instead focus on the products, people, and feelings that make you feel emboldened to be the ultimate version of you. And get this—we want that for you now and not in the morbid hypothetical scenario in which you only have one day to live. So what's on your radar? To get the juices flowing, we opened up the floor to some of the most talented celebrity hairstylists in the business. Our question: Which haircuts should everyone try before they die? And not surprisingly, they had some iconic, leap-of-faith ideas up their sleeves. Ahead, 11 haircuts celebrity hairstylists think you should try in your lifetime—keep scrolling for the ultimate inspiration board in their own words.