It's Official: Everyone Will Be Asking for These Haircuts in 2020

From disheveled bobs to extreme lengths.

2020 haircuts

As you head into a new year and a new decade, you might feel like letting go of the past and forging a new future. Breakups often trigger a transformational haircut, or maybe 2019 was just a weird year (just us?). Regardless of the reason, if you're in the mood for a fresh look to ring in the shiny new decade, then you're in the right corner of the Internet. Ahead, we've called on top hairstylists from across the globe to reveal the haircut trends that will reign supreme as the new decade dawns; bring these to your hairstylist to stay ahead of the curve. 2020: your year of really good hair.

It's a Long Story

"Hair is getting longer," UK-based hairdresser and Victoria Beckham's go-to stylist, Luke Hersheson tells Byrdie. "I think this whole lob thing is slowly fading away; it's the natural reaction of boredom." 

If you're going long, Hersheson says that it's not really about the boho texture anymore. "It feels like things are getting a bit chunkier in terms of the ends," he says.

Use a hydrating leave-in product—like Hershesons Almost Everything Cream or Leonor Greyl Éclat Naturel—to fight frizz, amp up shine, add texture and nourish strands.

Hershesons Almost Everything Cream
Hershesons Almost Everything Cream $13

Matrix Artistic Director, Nick Stenson agrees that long hair isn’t going anywhere.

"In 2020, we are going to see more volume, which means layers are back—this time just around the face," he says. "Sweeping long fringes with softness around the face is going to be the focus. This will give the person wearing the ability to show off those layers or hide them."

Middle of the Road

"The mid-length thing is still relevant, but you have to pick the right length," notes Hersheson. "If it's too much on the shoulders it gets mumsy—you want the ends to sit below your collarbone. There's something quite '90s supermodel about that length, Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington used to do that length well. It's not long, long hair, but it wasn’t short."

Tabatha Coffey, Matrix's Global Business Ambassador, predicts that "the shag will make a return, which is great for naturally textured hair and for adding volume to flatter hair." Think back to Alexa Chung, Chloe Moretz or Taylor Swift over the years when they dabbled in the shag style.

Stenson agrees that retro is back. "If you’re a daredevil, then a modern take on the mullet is just the look for 2020," he says. "Strong shattered layers with length in the back that’s disconnected will be all the rage. Don’t forget to match it with a rooted cool blonde or a fashion color to complete the look."

Use Matrix Style Link Texture Builder Messy Finish Spray ($18) to add texture to a shag or mullet haircut.

Matrix Style Link Style Link Texture Builder Messy Finish Spray
Matrix Style Link Texture Builder Messy Finish Spray $18

Bobs Are Back

“The one-length bob with a blunt finish and bit of a disheveled look on the ends will be big in 2020," says Redken Brand Ambassador Rodney Cutler. "To create this look at home, spritz Redken Triple Dry 15 ($22) through dry hair before running your fingers through the hair for a lived-in look."

Coffey also believes the bob will make a comeback too: "classic chin-length bob cuts are universally flattering and will be updated with invisible layers and fractured ends to create movement and swing," she says.

And Matrix clebrity colorist,George Papanikolas also thinks bobs will be big, but agrees texture is key. "Rough cut bobs instead of clean lines will be in," he says. "We will see jagged edges with a roughed-up texture on this classic cut."

Want inspiration on a 2020 bob? Kaia Gerber is a good start.

Kaia Gerber -bob
Getty Images

Total Extremes

"We’ll also be seeing both very short and very long hair next year, with looks like a choppy pixie cut and excessively long hair being on-trend," says Cutler. "The choppy pixie cut is cool because it has a bit of an edgy vibe, while excessively long hair is all about the drama and simplicity."

When it comes to short hair, we're into Charlize Theron's bowl cut and model Adut Akech's shaved, close-cut natural curls.

"Redken Rough Paste 12 ($13) is great for adding deconstructed texture to the choppy pixie and Redken Extreme Playsafe ($24) is a must for keeping long hair healthy and protecting it from heat damage," he notes.

Redken Extreme Play Safe
Redken Extreme Play Safe $24

Kylie Jenner takes her hair to the extreme using low-commitment extensions and wigs.

Anything Goes

As you can probably tell, while there are some standout styles for 2020, the overall feeling is that anything goes! "I hope the trends that stay in the previous decade are the ones that don’t suit us or make us feel bad about ourselves," says Coffey. "To me, style is about finding what you like about a trend and incorporating it into your everyday life and personal style—not having it dictate what you should do or feeling like you need to copy someone else. I believe in 2020 we will see a more individualized style, more authentic choices, and looks that represent and celebrate our own individuality."

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