Volumizing Tricks Every Woman Should Know, According to Hairstylists



We strive for the kind of hair that's so voluminous, it won't even fit in a selfie—hair so big, it can't be confined to the size constraints of an Instagram picture. Big hair has never gone out of style—sure, '80s-style sky-high bangs and overworked hair have thankfully fizzled out, but looking back over time, big, voluminous locks have withstood each decade, from Clara Bow to Beyoncé.

While each decade has had a different take on big hair (teasing, spraying, lifting, etc.), today's volume is all about taking your hair to healthy heights—no frying or over-spraying involved. And thankfully, the key to achieving this va-va-voom volume isn't infusing the hair with secrets à la Gretchen Weiners—nay, there's no secret to having big, beautiful hair. Don't believe us? We tapped the brains of some of the best hairstylists to find out how to rock a big, bouncy mane any day of the week. Ahead, check out their best root-lifting tips.

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