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7 Ways to Wear Your Hair Up (That Don’t Involve Ponytails)

When it comes to wearing your hair up, we all love a good ponytail. But you have to admit it can get old. Some days you just want to mix it up—and we don’t mean turning your pony into a bun. Luckily we’ve faced this dilemma many times, so we decided to curate seven options to help you bust out of your ponytail rut.


French Twist

We all fall victim to the bad hair day/messy bun combo. But why not up the ante next time and try a more editorial look? Similar to a French twist, a small bun will be hidden underneath hair swept across the head. Make sure to have a long-lasting hold hairspray, like Drybar’s The Sheriff Firm Hold Hairspray ($27), on hand to keep the look in place. 

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Add an Accessory

When you have the urge to wear a classic chignon, indulge, but try a new look by adding an accessory. What the style lacks in technique, it will make up for in cool factor. Make your chignon slightly undone, and add the Anthropologie Carissa Pearl Bobby Set ($20) for some style. 


Crown Braid

Easier than it looks and acceptable in venues other than a music festival, the crown braid is a fashionable way to get hair off your neck. Make sure to pull a smoothing cream, like John Freida’s Frizz-Ease Extra Strength Hair Serum ($10), through your hair to tame frizz and fly-aways. 

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Double-Twist Halo

This updo is a modern take on the twisted pony. Once you pull the pony through, take the loose ends and tuck them in, securing a sleek, sophisticated look. Be sure to have a Karina Bobbies Box ($6) on hand to secure the twists and loose hairs.

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Deconstructed Topknot

Leave the ends loose on your next topknot or bun and enjoy a look that’s half pony, half topknot, and all style. Secure the hair with a Scuni Large Black No Damage Elastic ($4) and create the loop by twisting the hair through twice.

Turban Headband

Transitioning your sun-scorched hair to fall is never easy. Luckily, with a stylish turban, you can hide your damaged locks and relax in style. Try the look yourself with L. Erickson’s Relaxed Turban Headband ($14) 

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Contained Curls

Curly hair is beautiful and enviable. Adding a headscarf like Anthropologie’s Floral Hair Scarf ($13) allows curls to firmly stay in one place while presenting an additional accessory for the day.

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