The Coolest Hairstyles of 2019—So Far

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Anyone who's ever had that spine-tingling, impulsive urge to book a hair appointment and do something drastic with their locks knows the power of a transformative chop. It's almost sorcerous how snipping, razoring, and shaping your hair can alter your look entirely, if only until it grows back and the renewal process begins again. A cut is just as emotionally morphing as it is physically: A visit to the salon is therapy, not just for the chair-side chat with your stylist but also for the freeing sensibility as the inches fall beside you. As psychologist Vivian Diller, Ph.D., explains, "New hairstyles or color can be associated with making a fresh start, with new beginnings and optimism."

It's been a rough year worldwide; the news cycle gets tougher to scan each day. So when uncertain times feel like a dark cloud looming over us, it helps to do things for ourselves that allow us to have authority over the way we feel. As Diller explains, "Changing our appearance is a proactive measure when other aspects of our life feel beyond our control." Ready for your next power chop? As we head into the last few (hopefully—somehow—brighter) months of the year ahead, celebrity stylists say these hairstyles will continue to reign supreme.

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Jane Birkin Bangs

Long bangs
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Long, eyebrow-grazing fringe is the epitome of French-girl chic and has been around for ages, though recently, not as a prevalent, overarching trend. However, stylist Marc Mena was right when he said we'd see it make a major comeback in 2019. "Women have stayed away from bangs for a while, but I think that's about to change and everyone will be coveting those Jane Birkin fringe vibes," he tells us. "Bangs are an easy way to transform your look without actually changing the length of your hair."


Bedhead Hair
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Embracing your oh-crap-I-slept-in hair and forgoing a brush for finger-combing has been highly encouraged this year. Says celebrity stylist Andrew Fitzsimons, "We're embracing our bedhead looks next year with loose, wavy tresses. For texture, lightly mist NatureLab Tokyo's Volume Texture Mist ($12) on light hair. Then scrunch or alternate loose curls with an iron."

'80s Blowout

"The '80s are coming back in full force. That means big blowouts and hair accessories," says Fitzsimons. For mega volume, he recommends distributing blowout jelly into damp hair and blow-drying with a round brush.

Sleek Lobs

Kim Kardashian West lob

Yes, the lob is still having a major moment. But rather than waving it out, consider taking it super straight and glossy. Says Fitzsimons, "Think Kim Kardashian's smooth and straight locks that end right at the shoulders. To get that trendy, frizz-free hair with a lustrous glossy shine, finish your look with NatureLab Tokyo's Smooth Hair Oil ($16) and add a middle part." 

Fembot Hair

"The '60s high-crown and Coke-can tuck has been seen a lot in 2019 as girls like Bella wear modern takes on the 'fembot' look," says Cash Lawless. "This look never really went out of style, but you will see a lot more of the small details from hairstyles of the '60s in 2019."

Short, Textured Chops

Jennifer Hudson pixie

Cut short like a pixie chop in the back but left longer in the front, this style has been making waves à la Kerry Washington at this year's Vanity Fair Oscar Party (and as we've seen long before on Halle Berry and Jennifer Hudson). Lawless says the best way to encourage texture on top is to use a mousse, like Seven Borato Mousse Foam ($27), and raking it through damp strands.

Loose, Wavy Updos

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley updo
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A nod to the '90s, an updo with pieces purposefully left out can take you through whatever your Google Calendar throws at you. Says Lawless, "It's great for slaying the day in your gym clothes or throwing on a little black dress in the evening. This style really can do anything.

"Start this style with damp hair and diffuse. Bring out as much of your natural wave as possible. Once dry and really messy, spray the roots with a dry texture spray. Separate a bit of hair near the top of your hairline away from the rest. Pull the rest of the hair back as though you are making a low ponytail. Twist the hair you've pulled back while directing it back over your head into a messy French twist and pin the twisted hair down with bobby pins or hairpins. Take the loose pieces and pin them down randomly, creating a really romantic, messy texture. Finish up with a curling iron on the front sections and tuck a few pieces behind your ear."

Big, Picked-Out, Natural Texture

Full, natural curls
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"We are seeing a powerful movement toward the embracement of natural textures, and this has birthed some incredible hairstyles that are taking over," says Lawless. "One, in particular, is the pick-out."

"There are several reasons why this hairstyle is rapidly growing in popularity. First, this is flattering because it is empowering women with confidence about their natural-born textures, and confidence is attractive. Second, it creates a very voluminous silhouette that is flattering on nearly any wearer. I suggest using Texture Cream by Seven haircare ($28) when hair is wet. This product is a dream for bringing out the best of thick-textured curl patterns."

Mermaid Hair

Think impossibly long, wavy, thick hair. If you feel like you're incapable of growing it as such (*raises hand*), know that many celebrities "cheat" this look. "Extension sales are higher than they have ever been, as masses of people are trying to achieve unreal lengths of textured hair," says Lawless. "This mermaid hair is denoted by lots of small, seemingly natural waves in the hair at extraordinary lengths." 

If professional extensions aren't in your budget, Lawless says a pack of hair for under $150 at The Hair Shop will last you years. We also love Hidden Crown extensions.

Speaking of extensions, check out the quick trick that made our editor's ponytail look like Pinterest hair.

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