This Is the Summer Hairstyle Every Celebrity Is Wearing (and It's So Easy)

The fluidity of hair trends and hair itself makes the ability to transition through the seasons and styles a breeze: If a cut starts to lose traction, you can grow it back, and when a color begins to fade in both hue and allure, it's on to the next one. And since the average woman changes her hair more than 150 times in her lifetime, it looks like we're going to need all the inspiration we can get to stay on par.

Ahead, you'll find the latest color, cut, and style trends we've been seeing and hearing about, updated regularly with the coif du jour. Keep scrolling for today's dose of strand spur.

Slept-in Straight Hair

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Celebrity Stylist Richard Marin loves this updated take on our old flatiron days. "One look I see everywhere is slept-in straight hair. It's a new version of straight—it's not poker straight but has a bend on the ends or a wave around the face frame. The overall look is textured straight hair; there is a bit of volume and movement."

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"To achieve [this look], blow-dry upside down for maximum volume—I like using the Remington T|Studio Thermaluxe Dryer ($30)—and then flip back into place," says Marin. "Choose your part, and detail your hair with an iron, adding one wave to frame your face and straighten your ends. Finish hair with a dry texturizing spray for fine hair and dry oil for thick hair. Recently Jennifer Lopez, Kristen Bell, Jourdan Dunn, and Kaia Gerber have worn this style."

Power Pixie

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"My favorite hair trend is something that is transformative," says PRO Beauty Tools Celebrity Hairstylist Johnny Lavoy. "I'm currently enjoying the long-to-short transitions like Scarlett Johansson and Katy Perry. I like it because it shows the ultimate in confidence. It is a powerful representation of femininity."

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"Hair can be a security blanket for so many women. In a time that extensions are popular as ever, I can really appreciate women using short hair as a bold accessory," Lavoy says.

Parisian Lob

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Instead of an angled lob with a shorter back, which can venture into bob territory, Stylist David Mallett suggests a low-maintenance, French-inspired shoulder-grazing cut. "A Parisian lob should be tailored to your face, hair, ears, and how much time you have to style it in the mornings."

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Lauren Thompson of Nunzio Saviano Salon adds that the beauty of this type of cut is that it's universally flattering and works with virtually every hair texture.

Amber Balayage

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Celebrity colorist Matt Rez of Ramirez-Tran in Beverly Hills says ash tones are taking a seat and making way for warmer golden tones.

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Rez also explains that in the long run, warm color is better for your hair because it doesn't require as much lift as ash tones. He adds that warm tones are generally more flattering, too (I mean, just look at Kate).

Geode Hair

Paley Fairman

Whether you buy into the crystal fanfare or not, it's hard not to be mesmerized by geode hair, or crystals reimagined as lustrous hair color. Take, for example, our News Editor Victoria Hoff's dreamy rose quartz hair. Are you hypnotized yet?


Celebrity Colorist George Papanikolas loves mixing jewel tones for a realistic geode re-creation: "By blending and color melting blues to amethyst to pink quartz, you get colors that are seamlessly blended."

Which look is your favorite? Sound off below!

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