10 Hair Tools and Accessories Byrdie Editors Love (But Never Talk About)

"Byrdie editor" and "product fiend" are actually official synonyms if you look them up in the thesaurus—not like you couldn't already tell. It's both our job and our pleasure at Byrdie HQ to test and recommend the best, most under-the-radar goods to all you lovely readers. But sometimes there are products we use all the time and absolutely love but totally forget to mention. Today we're dedicating this list of amazing hair tools and accessories to just those products. The following brushes, blow-dryers, hairpins, and towels are products we use on the daily—so often, in fact, that we just assume you already know about them. But how could you? If you're a hair product junkie, you've come to the right place. Here 10 hair tools and accessories that Byrdie editors are obsessed with (but never talk about).