10 Hair Tools and Accessories Byrdie Editors Love (But Never Talk About)

"Byrdie editor" and "product fiend" are actually official synonyms if you look them up in the thesaurus—not like you couldn't already tell. It's both our job and our pleasure at Byrdie HQ to test and recommend the best, most under-the-radar goods to all you lovely readers. But sometimes there are products we use all the time and absolutely love but totally forget to mention. Today we're dedicating this list of amazing hair tools and accessories to just those products. The following brushes, blow-dryers, hairpins, and towels are products we use on the daily—so often, in fact, that we just assume you already know about them. But how could you? If you're a hair product junkie, you've come to the right place. Here 10 hair tools and accessories that Byrdie editors are obsessed with (but never talk about).

Oval Dressing Brush
GHD Oval Dressing Brush $40

This everyday soft bristle gem boasts all the benefits of ultra-luxury brushes five times the price (ahem, you know the ones). Our senior editor Hallie Gould uses this on her wavy texture from scalp to ends to distribute its natural oils throughout the hair, keeping it super healthy. The brush's natural bristles never snag or pull.

You can even spray the brush with hair spray and use it to tame flyaways.

InStyler Word Play Hair Pins $10

I pin locks of my hair back with bobby pins almost every day, and every time I wear one of these charming little guys instead of a regular old boring one, people flip out. As a bit of a foreign language nerd, the second I saw these "bonjour" and "ciao" designs, I instantly knew I needed them. And now, whenever I wear them (not at the same time, of course—that would be overkill), it's all-day compliments.

T3 Cura Luxe Hair Dryer $250

Our assistant editor Erin is in love with this chic and freakishly fast-acting hair dryer. Though pricey, the product's five heat settings, high-tech auto-pause sensor, and lightweight feel make it worth it. Not to mention, it's probably one the best-looking hair dryers out there, adding a drastic improvement to your #vanities Instagram game.

Silke London The Eva $64

Byrdie's assistant editor Maya is a big fan of this 100% silk hair wrap, which you sleep in overnight to prevent hair damage or thinning, dryness, frizz, and loss of moisture. The product works for all hair types. Plus, it's chic enough to wear beyond the inside of your house.

Pure Silk Scrunchie Set
Slip Pure Silk Scrunchie Set $40

These are not the scrunchies you wore in 1996. The same brand that makes our favorite eye masks and pillowcases now produces these gorgeous long-fiber mulberry silk hair ties, which not only look extremely sophisticated but also protect the hair from breakage and keep it crease-free.

Mighty Mini Jet Set Kit
Amika Mighty Mini Jet Set Kit $80

If I am going on a trip, this ridiculously adorable set of miniature hair tools is coming with me. The hair dryer, though teeny tiny, is surprisingly powerful, and I use the flat iron not only to straighten but to create effortless waves on the go. Every time I whip out these products, my fellow travelers are overcome with extreme envy. 

NuMe Classic Curling Wand Reverse $89

Curling irons that taper in the opposite direction can create curls that are slightly too polished and prom-like for my liking, but this reverse wand does just the opposite. If you're less into Shirley Temple curls and more into relaxed waves, I highly recommend this tool.

Tangle Teezer The Original Detangling Hairbrush $15

The Tangle Teezer is Team Byrdie's tried-and-true brush (literally, we all own it). Perfect for after the shower, mysterious random knots, or everyday maintenance, you will not find a brush that makes your hair more effortlessly silky and snag-free.

Invisibobble Traceless Hair Ring $8

You will be hardpressed to find our wellness editor's hair up in a ponytail or bun that isn't affixed with an Inisibobble. These futuristic thingamajigs not only look way cooler than your average hair tie, they also keep your style in place way longer and don't cause any pesky creases.

Lisse Luxe Hair Turban Desert Rose
Aquis Lisse Luxe Hair Turban Cloud Berry $30

You know that trick where, in order to get your hair to dry frizz-free, you pat it with a T-shirt, not a towel? This ingenious turban renders that trick totally unnecessary. Byrdie's editorial director Faith Xue and I both love the convenient design of this post-shower hair towel: You simply wrap your hair up (it actually stays put) and can expect it to air dry with way, way less frizz.

If you're a hair girl (or have any hair obsessed friends), we hope this list provided some inspiration for how to blow your next paycheck. Happy styling, pals.

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