Alert: "Hair Tapestries" Are Instagram's Newest Obsession

Remember hair wraps? Those strands of brightly colored embroidery floss you would get in elementary school whenever you vacationed somewhere exotic (or, like Disneyworld)? Well, Hello Giggles just reported a new social media trend that is basically that '90s fad, hipster-fied—they’re called hair tapestries, and they look exactly how they sound. Picture your hair as a loom, primed and ready to be woven by brightly colored strands of cloth. The look supposedly originated in the festival circuit and has since taken off on Instagram. See examples below:




Trend Alert: #HairTapestry 〰??〰

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We're not quite sure how on board we are with this trend, mainly due to the fact that it probably makes washing our hair 10 times more complicated. And also, just like, why? However, we can appreciate the skill it must take to create something as intricate as this, and will most likely continue to marvel from afar (as in, from our iPhones). 

What do you think of this new hair fad? Sound off below!