The 19 Most Influential Celebrity Hairdressers on Instagram

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There's a reason why hairstylists can become our best friends. When sat in their chairs, we often reveal a lot about our lives. Whether that's where we're going on holiday, that argument we had with our best friend or who we have a crush on, the person tending to our hair sometimes knows more about us than our mothers.

This relationship is just as strong in the celebrity world. For celebrities, it's not just a salon visit every six weeks; the hairdresser often travels around the world to ensure their A-list client's hair is looking incredible on every red carpet, whatever the continent. As a result, we get to go behind the scenes with our favorite celebs via their hairdressers' Instagram accounts.

So who's worth following for this unparalleled insight? From Alexa Chung's George Northwood to Jennifer Aniston's Chris McMillan, take a look at the who's who of the hair world.

Click through our gallery to find out the most influential hairstylists on Instagram, and whose hair they look after.

Jennifer Aniston and Chris McMillan

Chris McMillan

Followers: 247k

Why follow: There are so many reasons to follow McMillan but perhaps the biggest one is that he's the man behind Jennifer Aniston's gorgeous locks. He created "The Rachel" for crying out loud.


Anne Hathaway

Adir Abergel

Followers: 756k

Why follow: As well as creating gorgeous looks on Anne Hathaway, he's also behind the more avant-garde and experimental looks of Kristen Stewart. Great for alternative hairspiration.


George Northwood and Alexa Chung

George Northwood

Followers: 45.5k

Why follow: He's the chap who gets to cut both Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Alexa Chung's hair. He creates unfussy 'dos that are edgy yet classic.


Gisele Bundchen and Harry Josh

Harry Josh

Followers: 183k

Why follow: This is the man who looks after Gisele's hair. You need any more reasons to follow this genius? No, didn't think so.


Khloe Kardashian

Jen Atkin

Followers: 3m

Why follow: The hairstylist to the Kardashians, Jen Atkin tends to many other celebrities too. From Dakota Johnson to Bella Hadid, Atkin isn't just a one-trick Kardashian hair pony. Her dedication to making every look utterly glamorous is the reason to follow along.


Ken Paves and Victoria Beckham

Ken Paves

Followers: 108k

Why follow: Friends with both Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria, you'll notice his Instagram feed is regularly full of behind-the-scenes snaps of traveling with Beckham at various events. Worth it for the VB sneak peeks alone.


Iggy Azalea

Ursula Stephen

Followers: 104k

Why follow: Clients include Iggy Azalea (pictured) and Rihanna. Essentially, she's the reason why RiRi's hair has looked so incredible and cool for the past decade.


Julianne Hough

Riawna Capri

Followers: 440k

Why follow: As well as making Julianne Hough's golden locks look fabulous, Capri's feed is full of Californian love. Come for the hair, stay for the lifestyle.


Emma Roberts

Nikki Lee

Followers: 139k

Why follow: If you've never been one to dye your hair, then after following Lee's feed, we guarantee you'll want to hotfoot it straight to your hairdresser's and ask for a new hue.


Julia Roberts

Serge Normant

Followers: 73.1k

Why follow: Have you ever seen Julia Roberts or Sarah Jessica Parker with bad hair? Of course not. This man is the reason.


Nina Dobrev

John D

Followers: 13.1k

Why follow: For behind-the-scenes pictures of shoots and classic red carpet styles.



Kim Kimble

Followers: 298k

Why follow: She did Beyoncé's hair for Lemonade *drops mic.*


Charlotte Tilbury and Kate Moss

Sam McKnight

Followers: 158k

Why follow: Friends of the likes of Kate Moss, Charlotte Tilbury (pictured) and Naomi Campbell, Sam McKnight is a legend in the UK.


Léa Seydoux

Renato Campora

Followers: 67.1k

Why follow: Sultry looks is the name of Campora's game. From the likes of styling Léa Seydoux to Megan Fox, as well as Kate Hudson and Jessica Chastain, there isn't a celeb hairstyle on here that we don't love.


Diane von Furstenberg

Michael Silva

Followers: 140k

Why follow: Wind-swept and natural styles got our attention on Silva's feed. However, the look he created for Diane von Furstenberg for the Met Gala with those incredible butterflies got our pulses racing.


Lucy Hale

Kirsten Ess

Followers: 541k

Why follow: Think you can't transform your hair from brown to blonde? Think again. Classic brunette Lucy Hale changed up her color to be a gorgeous platinum blonde. We need to book that appointment with our colorist stat.



Andy Lecompte

Followers: 86.7k

Why follow: To know what it takes to style the hair of the queen of pop—Madonna. 


Lea Michele

Sarah Potempa

Followers: 165k

Why follow: Beachy waves plus pretty braids are what you're going to get from Potempa's feed. Plus, a few pictures of Lea Michele, Hailee Steinfeld, and Kaley Cuoco.


Alessandra Ambrosio

Dominick Pucciarello

Followers: 19.4k

Why follow: Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio sees Pucciarello to ensure her hair looks incredible. We'll be making a note of any tips and tricks that can help us look a little bit more like this supermodel.


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