What NOT to Do When Getting Your Hair Done


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Hair salons can be intimidating—especially when you've scored a much-coveted appointment or you're shelling out a weeks-worth of your paycheck for the service. It's hard to relax and even harder to speak up when things aren't going exactly as planned. Before hitting up salons was (literally) part of my job, I was always confused about the proper etiquette. How much to tip? How much to talk? What if you don't want to talk? The list goes on and on. 

Each time I stepped foot in a fancy salon I felt a bit of imposter syndrome creeping up, like as if I was dressed up in someone else's clothes. Truth be told, haircuts still freak me out. But, my forever saving graces, the imitable Halli Bivona of the John Barrett Salon and Brian Zinno, senior education director at the Antonio Prieto Salon, have calmed my fears and listed every last thing you should remember before, after, and during your styling session. Let your education begin!

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