Does Your Hair Need Its Own Meal Plan?

Updated 12/17/17
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Health and beauty continue to become more and more intertwined. Taking a holistic approach to overall wellness is our entire MO—particularly when it comes to our diet. We truly are what we eat. While some prefer protein-packed meal prep for the 'gains' (chicken and steamed broccoli all week, anyone?), we also see the value in planning meals rich with ingredients that will keep our skin clear and our hair shiny. Then there’s also eating the rainbow or taking your cues from the Blue Zone—our options truly are endless but one thing is for sure, what we put inside shows up on the outside.

So, you can see why taking a similar menu-style approach to the beauty products we use makes just as much sense. Pairing complementary products, following suggested steps and combining potent ingredients to boost effectiveness is the fastest way to see results.

In partnership with Hair Recipe—Australia’s only superfood-inspired hair care range available exclusively at Priceline—we've created a three-course meal plan that will leave your hair feeling healthy, happy and full. . . of volume!

Keep reading to see what's on our hair menu. 


Hair Recipe Strawberry & Mint Cleanse Shampoo $15

You know how clean, clear and balanced your skin feels when you stick to a double-cleansing routine for a few weeks? So too, will your hair. To really shift the build-up of dry shampoo, hairspray, serums and pollution, a pre-shampoo cleanser is the most important—and often most often neglected—step. Add a deep root cleanser in place of regular shampoo once or twice a week to lay the groundwork for truly healthy hair. 


Hair Recipe Kiwi & Fig Volume Shampoo $20

Pay close attention to what you feed your hair for its main course, as this is where you have the chance to really nourish. Just as you would feed your body, give your hair what it craves with a shampoo and conditioner combination that will either boost volume or hydration, and avoid nasties like silicones, parabens and mineral oil. They're the empty calories of the hair care world. 


Hair Recipe Honey & Apricot Moisture Mask $20

Personally, I commit to dessert every night of the week! But salted caramel icecream aside, your hair deserves an indulgent treat at the end of your care routine, too. A hair treatment or mask that will really work to lock in moisture is a must—bonus points if it draws on the benefits of actual superfoods

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