The Only Products You Need to Prevent Blond-Hair Sabotage

This post was originally published in August 2014.

You walk out of the salon with gorgeous blond hair to rival Blake Lively’s, and for a few weeks, you start to believe that blondes really do have more fun… until you wake up one morning to a head full of brassy, fried hair. Sound familiar? We feel you. Blond hair is notoriously tough to maintain, and if you’re using the wrong products, you could be unintentionally sabotaging your flaxen strands.

We talked to Keratin Complex stylist Abraham Sprinkle and L’Oréal Paris consulting celebrity colorist Kari Hill (she counts Michelle Williams and Taylor Schilling as clients) to find out which products blondes must have in their arsenal.

Keep reading to see the essentials for caring for your blond hair—whether you’re freshly colored or already turning brassy.

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