Odd but True: This Hair Product Cleared Up My Skin

You've seen argan oil time and time again being pushed as the perfect hydrator for hair. Often referred to as "liquid gold," you can saturate your strands with the magic elixir to remedy split ends, tame flyaways, and overall soften your hair. But what about applying it to your face? For me, I found it to be my new holy grail.

A little back story on this: I have combination skin and fell victim to breakouts for the better portion of my life. I tried numerous OTC treatments and ended up doing more harm than good by popping, picking, and scorching my skin with harsh chemicals and aggressive acne treatments. After my hormones finally fell out of that teen/college-aged overdrive, my skin started to look better, and I kicked the damaging products to the curb—which meant I needed to find gentler alternatives. 

Have you found any helpful tips and tricks for clearing your skin? Please share with us below!