What Your Hair Part Says About Your Personality

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Though we know that switching things up is a really easy (and free!) way to change your entire look, most of us have a certain hair part we stick to and don't think much of it. But is it simply a matter of habit, or does the way you part your hair represent something a little deeper?

Believe it or not, some sociologists theorize that our hair parts actually reflect right versus left brain function—that is, our creative thinking (right brain) versus our logic (left brain). What does this mean for your hairdo of choice? We hypothesize below.

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Left Side

You mean business. Women who part their hair to the left tend to be perceived as driven and intelligent. They like to think things through, but they also like to get things done—and end up in positions of power in the process. High-profile example: Hillary Clinton is a left-parter.

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You're even-tempered. You know how Kendall Jenner seems to just roll with her family's antics? A center part signifies balance, and people might see you as more trustworthy, honest, and polite.

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Zigzag or Irregular

You're flexible. Similar to those with a center part, you're able to keep your cool even in the face of uncertain circumstances. You're seen as the easygoing member of your group of friends. (We're looking at you and your tousled waves, Gigi Hadid.)

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Right Side

You're empathetic. You're the person people like to confide in, because you're sensitive and caring by nature—sometimes to a fault. (You can't help everyone!) While you sometimes rely too much on your heart rather than your head, others are drawn to your creativity and free spirit. Cara Delevingne often parts her hair to the right, as does Taylor Swift. 

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