The Only Hair Oils You Should Use If You're a Blonde

As someone who puts a good portion of my annual income toward my addiction to super-blonde highlights, you can imagine my horror when a colorist divulged that another one of my addictions (hair oils) wasn't doing my freshly lightened strands any favors. Huh? I thought to myself. How could a product claiming to heal dehydrated ends, revive lackluster tone, and basically gift my hair with Pantene-commercial allure possibly be a disservice?

If you fast-forward, I eventually learned that it didn't have as much to do with product type as it did with formulation—in other words, a few of my then-beloved hair oils (which shall go unnamed) featured rich amber and golden-hued oils that were actually having a rather disturbing effect on my buttery blonde locks. The problem: They were imparting a dark, brassy shade especially near my ends where I had concentrated my smoothing efforts over the months. So clarifying shampoo in one hand and a few new clear oils in the other, I began testing out new formulas. And lo and behold, I actually preferred them to my previous favorites. (Oh, and my colorist was equally pleased the next time I came in for a touch-up.)

So what's the main takeaway here? If you have lighter strands (and wish to keep them light), it's far more strategic to opt for an ultra-light or 100% clear hair oil. And luckily, the blondes of team Byrdie have tried their fair share. Ahead are seven of the best hair oils for blondes. (And yes, we're also convinced that we've had more fun since using them.) Keep reading!