The 17 Biggest Hair Myths of All Time, According to Stylists



Hair is a very personal topic. We all have different textures, lengths, and various nuances that account for our own unique preferences, which is what makes each person's mane so distinct and beautiful. No, really: Hair is empowering. Some choose to make transformational chops, a decision not marked by bravery but by liberation. Other women have had difficult journeys with their hair—journeys within a society that didn't understand their natural texture and placed them in a box because of it. Hair is so much more than the stuff that grows out of our heads—it's who we are as individuals.

While hair, in general, can't be placed into one category, we've learned from stylists that there are some overarching, constantly perpetuated "hair myths" that need some clearing up, all for the sake of having your best hair possible. Below, take a look at the common misconceptions we need to put to bed.

Have you believed any of these myths? Which one were you surprised to see? Please sound off below!