Hair Jewellery: The New Accessory You Didn't Know You Needed

Updated 01/27/18

There are many hair trends that come along that we're sure you'll be rightly skeptical of—we get it, mullets really aren't for everyone and neither is pink hair (even if we love it). So we can just imagine the raised eyebrows we're about to get with this next sentence: hair jewellery is seriously big right now. Hear us out. 

You need only type 'hair rings' into Pinterest and hundreds of pictures turn up with thousands of repins on each one. It's clear that this look is pretty popular. So, who's wearing it and how do you do it? The idea is simple—all you need to do is braid your hair and then adorn said braid with some pretty rings. While the idea on paper might sound a little strange, it honestly looks seriously cute IRL. If you need future proof, our editorial director Amy Lawrenson gave it a try a few weeks back (you can see the picture of her braid rings here).

Keep scrolling for a look at how to wear it, plus where to shop some of our favourite hair jewellery.

Regal Rose Aeon Short Hair Rings $8

Opening Image: Free People

Would you buy into this trend? Tell us how you'll be doing it in the comments below!

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