If You're Bored of Your Hair, You Need These 23 Styling Ideas in Your Repertoire

Updated 07/23/18
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Are you stuck for hair ideas? A little bored? It happens. The thing is that sometimes it's not about a drastic change like a haircut or colour swap. No, sometimes you just want to try a quick style tweak to rejuvenate your look. Below, you'll find hairstyle ideas that won't take long or require too many products to re-create, making them just as perfect for a Monday morning as a Saturday night out. Also, most of these ideas will suit all hair types from fine to curly—you may just need to adapt it slightly to suit you.

Want to up your hair game with little effort? Dive right in and explore 23 cool hair ideas below.

hair ideas: woman with pulled back afro hair

Those comb hairbands made a welcome return this season and look great no matter what hair they're worn in.

hair ideas: woman with slicked afro hair

Something as simple as switching up your parting can completely change your outlook on your hair. Usually part hair down the centre? Try pulling hair into an extreme side part.

hair ideas: Twisted strands

A twisted strand at the front can soften any updo—be it a bun, braid or ponytail.

hair ideas: Sleek side part

If you can pull of a sleek side parting, you're a lucky human being. Not only is it a great look if you don't have time to wash your hair, but it looks so chic. Fix flyaways with a finishing brush or toothbrush misted with hair spray.

hair ideas: Looped half up do

This is the quickest way to add interest to a half-up, half-down 'do.

hair ideas: Sleek top knot

A topknot looks great on all hair textures and it's versatile enough to look equally great for a special occasion or casual brunch.

hair ideas: Halo braid

Looks hard to do but is actually pretty simple. Section you hair in two and create two braids either side of your ears. Then pin up into place. You don't have to be too neat with this one. 

hair ideas: Side part

Post gym? Freshly washed hair but no time to blow-dry? Work a little gel into your hair, use your fingers to rake it into a side part, and go. Easy.

hair ideas: Wrapped ponytail

Whether you use ribbon or a strip of fabric, wrapping your ponytail will instantly elevate your look.

hair ideas: Wet look bob

Bobs can look quite French or girly, but slick it back with some gel and you've got instant edge. This would look great paired with a white tee and jeans, or a killer dress on a night out. 

hair ideas: Sectioned ponytail

Remember when we were young and used to section our hair like this? Or use those topsy-turvy tools? We're totally into it again.

hair ideas: Barettes

I mean, you could just wear one barrette...

hair ideas: Sporty headband

Channel your inner ballerina and top your topknot off with a simple black headband.

hair ideas: Straightened hair

If your hair is naturally wavy, try straightening it for a different look.

hair ideas: Retro sections

The '90s are totally back—re-create this look using those mini hair claws.

hair ideas: Rope braid

A rope braid looks a bit different to a traditional three-strand braid; give it a go.

hair ideas: Wispy top knot

Embrace your baby hairs with a pretty, wispy topknot.

hair ideas: Joined braids

This joined-up rope-braid style is easy to do, but it will get you loads of compliments.

hair ideas: Beachy braids

Add tiny, messy braids to your hair for a beachy look that's perfect during the summer.

hair ideas: Braided bun

Again, this updo will suit straight and curly hair. You'll just see the braid more clearly when hair is sleek. Simply pull your hair into a pony at the nape of your neck, braid and pin in place.

hair ideas: Hidden braid

This hidden plait is genius.

hair ideas: Retro twist

A retro twist pinned in place is a quick way to add interest to hair worn down.

hair ideas: Ear tuck

The ear tuck is a seriously easy way to add a cool-girl vibe to a simple ponytail. Great for showing off your ear piercings too. ■

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