7 Hair Hacks You Should Know by the Time You’re 30



Maybe it's because we're full swing into the holiday season and our already nonexistent free time just became even more scarce, but we're seriously into bookmarking the best beauty hacks lately. Keep scrolling for seven hair hacks we should all know, becausespeaking candidlythey're sure to save your day at some point.

Curl From the Middle: That’s right: Curl from the middle of your hair, not the ends. This will help those curls hold longer and in a more natural-looking way while also saving ends from further damage. We prefer to skip the ends when possible, an approach that’s much easier to pull off if you’re using a curling iron with no clip, like Sedu 38mm Clipless Iron ($120).

Don't Condition Roots: If you have fine or oily hair, conditioning your roots will only weigh your hair down quicker. This prompts a vicious and unnecessary cycle of washing your hair every day to avoid the separation and greasy look at the roots.

Oil Disguises Split Ends: It’s true, but just a dab will do on this one! Apply only to the ends of your hair and watch dry ends shine. There’s plenty of options out there that work just fine, but we can't say many things beat out Kérastase Sérume Oléo Relax ($40).

Avoid Hair Crease: This tip is especially helpful if you have straight to wavy hair and love to work out. Toss hair up in a creaseless hair tie like Emi Jay Solid Hair Ties ($11) instead of a regular elastic. When you let your hair down, post workout, you’ll see voluminous waves instead of annoying kinks.

Condition Hair Before You Shower: If you have thick hair that tends to get knotted as you sleep, try spraying leave-in-conditioner like Verb Leave-In Mist ($14) on your hair and gently brushing your hair out before getting into the shower. You’ll avoid the drama of losing hair by the clump when trying to comb through once wet. Hey, if it works for kids, why not try it as adults?

DIY a Hair Mask: In a pinch, know you probably have food in your kitchen that will create the ultimate deep-conditioning hair mask. Combining coconut oil with mashed up avocado or banana works wonders.

Hairspray Bobby Pins: By nature, bobby pins are slick. For your next updo, try spraying them with hairspray before you set them in your hair. You might be amazed how much more secure the look feels. Try using one that will hold but not flake if you need to move them around, like Drybar Money Maker Flexible Hold Hairspray ($26).

Do you have another need-to-know hair hack? Share with us below!