9 Hair Glitter Ideas and the Products to Bring Them to Life

So sparkly.

Glitter hair ideas

@amberjeanhair / @monarchhairco

Hair glitter comes in many different guises. There are your obvious glitter hair trends—the biggest being glitter roots and glitter-tastic festival looks, but thanks to the ombré sparkles seen at Valli S/S 19, we're seeing slightly more-wearable ways to wear the trend filter through. We'll admit that we're into it.

Because, yes, it turns out that there are lots of different ways you can wear glitter in your hair without looking like a unicorn just sneezed on you. From sprinkles of sparkle that catch your eye in the light to subtle hair tinsel that throws us back to the noughties, if you've ever wanted to experiment with hair glitter, now's your chance.

Here are nine hair glitter ideas plus the products you'll need to try out the trend IRL.

hair glitter ideas - ponytail

@amberjeanhair / Instagram

Created by hairstylist Amber Fairlie, this gorgeous glitter ponytail is perfect for an NYE hair look. Use different sizes of (biodegradable) glitter around your ponytail leaving the rest of your hair clean and smooth.

hair glitter ideas - scattered stars throughout hair
@monarchhairco / Instagram

If you're into glitter hair looks then you need to follow Wynter DePriest's IG account @monarchhairco now. She creates stunning glitter hair looks like this chunky star creation.

hair glitter ideas - hair tinsel

@goddessglitterhair / Instagram

Hair tinsel your kinda thing? These super-subtle strands give your hair a mirror-like sheen that we love for a dazzling night out. Goddess Glitter Hair is U.S. based, but it ships to the UK, too.

hair glitter ideas

@asos_faceandbody / Instagram

We can always trust @asos_faceandbody to give us a good dose of beauty inspiration. This cute bunches style uses EcoStardust Flamingo Biodegradable Glitter ($7) sprinkled in the hair for an extra party-esque glitz.

hair glitter ideas - gold and pink glitter

@monarchhairco / Instagram

The biggest glitter-hair fail? Dandruff looking sparkles. Avoid the flaky look by making sure your glitter pieces are large enough to really be noticeable against your hair, like this gold and pink look created by @monarchhairco.

hair glitter ideas

@monarchhairco / Instagram

We can't get enough of this icy-hued style, again by glitter hair genius @monarchhairco. Use a glitter gel (like Unicorn Snot, $13) to act as glue throughout the hair before sprinkling different-sized glitter pieces along the length of the locks.

hair glitter ideas - sequins

@monarchhairco / Instagram

If you're still not completely sold on the glitter hair vibe, try something subtler, like this sprinkle of sequins throughout the hair length. To avoid it looking dandruffy, stick to chunkier pieces of glitter and make sure you're distributing them along the whole of the hair length.

hair glitter ideas: Giambattista Valli S/S 19

Why not try re-creating Giambattista Valli S/S 19 show, where models took to the runway with beachy waves packed full of ombré glitter?

hair glitter ideas: Giambattista Valli S/S 19

Silver sparkles give blondes an icy, festive feel. 

Here are our five favorite products to re-create the look.

H&M Glitter Hairspray in Gold
H&M Glitter Hairspray in Gold $4

For a subtle amount of sparkle and shine, H&M's glitter hairsprays are perfect. 

EcoStardust Flamingo Biodegradable Glitter
EcoStardust Flamingo Biodegradable Glitter $7

These EcoStardust glitters are not only biodegradable but they also come in a variety of colors, textures, and sizes. 

best hair glitter: IGK Hair Pre Party Glitter Spray - Multi Coloured
IGK Hair Pre Party Glitter Spray in Multicoloured $8

This multicolored hairspray is the easiest way to do glitter hair IRL. It's a subtle but gorgeous way to wear the trend.

VO5 Style Edit Cosmic Gold Shimmer
VO5 Style Edit Cosmic Gold Shimmer $10

Pat this shimmer throughout the lengths of your hair to give your strands a sheen-like finish. Then, sprinkle chunkier pieces of glitter on top for a full-on shine.

Goddess Glitter Hair Tinsel
Goddess Glitter Hair Tinsel $20

These Goddess Glitter strands are designed to be tied individually around single pieces of hair. They're heat and color resistant, and if you're really into the look, they can last up to six weeks.

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