These Extreme Hair Extension Transformations Will Blow Your Mind

Hair extensions get a bad rap for being one of the beauty industry's more frivolous enterprises. (Cue images of the stereotypical California girl with fake hair, fake nails, and fake lips.) But a recent hair extensions makeover conducted by L.A. stylist Clayton Hawkins reminds us how hair extensions can actually transform lives.

Hawkins posted the photo below on his Instagram earlier this week, cueing gasps around the internet. According to Allure, Hawkins says he received a call from one of his regular clients whom he hadn't seen in about a year. Hawkins told Allure the client said she was in "really big trouble" with her hair, and when she showed up for her appointment, it became clear that she wasn't exaggerating. "She'd always had very delicate and damaged hair, but this was on a different level," Hawkins says. "I'd never seen anything like it." 

Keep scrolling to see the shocking transformation (plus three other amazing hair extension makeovers)!