Meet "Hair-Dusting": The Split-End Solution That Will Transform Your Strands



After one too many dye jobs and a few too many hours of hot-tool usage, all of a sudden your long locks are shoulder length—permanently. Sound familiar? Hair damage is never fun, but even less so when it starts destroying the length you spent years trying to grow out. Cue hair dusting, the haircut that might just save your damaged locks without having to burn off your split ends (yes, people really do that). After Refinery 29 reported on the new snipping technique, we were curious enough to reach out to a few expert hairstylists to get the details—and find out if it’s possible to do this in the privacy of our own home.

According to Brian Zinno, senior education director at Antonio Prieto Salon, dusting is the “amount of hair that can be cut while still making the hair look fresh”—about “an eighth to a quarter inch.” So why is this cut a must for ladies looking to grow out their locks? “Since we know how fast hair grows (about 1 1/4 centimeters per month), if you cut an inch off of your hair every six to eight weeks, you will pretty much cut off all of the hair growth you achieved in that time, leaving your hair at the same length,” explains Corey Tuttle, a Honey Artists hairstylist. Basically, if you want long, healthy locks, skip your regular cut and ask for a dusting instead.

While dusting off your ends sounds simple enough to do at home, put down the scissors: That is unfortunately not the time to DIY. According to Zinno, it’s “best for a hairstylist to do [a dusting]. It’s still a full haircut. Even though it seems like it would be easy just to take the ends off, the whole thing could get uneven quickly.” And while salons don’t readily advertise this service, Zinno says most hairstylists will perform a dusting—all you need to do is ask! Just be forewarned that even though a dusting trims less hair, it is still a haircut, and as Honey Artists hairstylist Nate Rosenkranz points out, “you don’t get a discount for getting less-length cut. It takes the stylist just as long to ‘dust’ the hair as it does to do a ‘regular’ haircut.”

Looking to prolong an overdue haircut? Keep reading for some of our favorite products for split ends.


Reverie’s oil cream controls frizz while simultaneously repairing damage, thanks to its many natural ingredients like coconut.


Ess’s reconstructive mask douses hair with hydration without weighing it down.


This ultra-hydrating mask restores hair back to health, thanks to ceramides that bind split ends back together.


Strengthen your damaged hair with this prickly-pear oil mask that claims to strengthen hair from the inside out.

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