I Tested 5 Hair Dryers for Speed Because I Have No Patience

Whenever someone tells me they don't use a hair dryer, I laugh, convinced they're joking. But when I come up from being doubled over and am met with their confused, serious face, I feel equal parts stunned and envious.

You know when a rat comes out of the sewer looking drenched and pathetic? That's me post-shower. There's no "working in a bit of product and letting it air-dry." Every time I've tried, I rewash it and grab a blow-dryer to undo the nest I've somehow created on top of my head. It's just not in the cards for me, and I've accepted it. That's why finding a great hair dryer is important to me, because even though I opt (or need) to use one, the process is usually a bit daunting. I need something that works fast and well (because I don't have time to stand with a loud wind tunnel howling in my ear for any amount of time longer than five minutes).

To find the best tools, I conducted an experiment out of my lab bathroom, and in true scientific fashion, I timed five different top-rated dryers using the stopwatch on my phone. I also measured the efficacy and overall user experience for each (Aka how well they worked on my fine yet abundant strands). Curious to see which one ranked the highest? Keep scrolling.