Hair Damage 101: How To Fix The Breakage You Probably Don't Even Know You Have

You might not think you have damaged hair, but whether you spent last week debuting new platinum locks (like Rita Ora) or just getting a blowout, you’ve probably racked up breakage and split ends from simple, everyday things. Going too long between trims, using a flat or curling iron that’s too hot—even wearing tight ponytails too often—causes damage, especially on long and color-treated locks.

Luckily, we checked in with two experts to learn how to rehab hair back to health and prevent damage from getting worse: Anthony Campbell, the man behind Jessica Biel and Emma Watson’s locks, and Sascha Breuer, who works with Anne Hathaway and Zoe Saldana. From the best restorative masks, to the products you should be avoiding, you’ll find everything you need to know above. (And if you’re planning to undergo a big color change read our tips here!)