News Flash: Your Stylist May Be Cutting Your Hair All Wrong



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Throughout my whole life, the haircutting process has been the same: I go in, lie back for a nice shampoo and head massage, and watch as the stylist cuts (or very, very lightly trims) my wet, curly blond locks. But I’ve recently heard a lot about dry cuts and how the technique yields better styles. I wondered, Have I been cutting my hair wrong all along? And then, when I looked at a recent reader survey from the site, I realized you too have been wondering the same thing.

To get some answers, I read about why I should never get my hair cut wet again and spoke with Lona Vigi, a stylist who recently styled my hair to perfection (she also is responsible for Selena Gomez’s enviable waves and Drew Barrymore’s bedhead texture). Who better to educate me on hair than the woman my favorite celebrities trust with theirs?

Keep reading to find out whether or not you should be getting dry haircuts.

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