These Are Going to Be the Biggest Hair Colours Come Autumn

Updated 01/27/18
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Brown, blonde or red? There are more than just these three hair colours in the world, and there's no better time to switch things up than autumn 2017. This season calls for a whole new approach to hair dye, which is why we enlisted the help of some of the biggest hair experts in London to tell us what their clients are asking for more of right now and the biggest trends for the new season. We spoke to Neil Moodie, co-founder of the Windle & Moodie salon, Jenna Norman, colourist for Hershesons, Sibi Bolan, creative colour and balayage consultant at Josh Wood Atelier, and Alex Brownsell, co-founder of Bleach.

From blondes and pastels to more bolder colours such as copper (yes, really), there are plenty of interesting ways to change up your look with these transformative hair colour ideas. Of course, to avoid any colour mishaps, which are sadly all too common, the best way to ensure you and your colourist are on the same page is with visuals—as the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. For this reason, we've collated a gallery of these new hair colours so you can print them out and take them to your hairdresser.

We're good like that, you see.

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Hair colour ideas
Hair colour ideas: Jessica Alba with balayage
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1. Balayage

This trend still isn't going anywhere. While at the beginning of 2017, we definitely saw a shift away from it, with bright and bold colours being preferred, according to Jenna Norman at Hershesons, this is still being requested a lot by her clients.

"The balayage technique is just getting better and better, and it's still really on trend," says Norman. She also says it's a great way to break up hair that feels like it's just "one block colour" and add dimension to a look.

Sibi Bolan revealed that her clients are asking for the same: "Right now everyone is asking for a hippy-chic type of Balayage hair; it's almost like everyone is embracing the sunshine."

Hair colour ideas: Cara Delevingne with bleached hair
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2. Bleach

Another trend that refuses to disappear is the platinum blonde, full-bleach look. Neil Moodie says this is in part due to the fact that this year already we've seen a number of A-listers with the look, from Cara Delevingne to Katy Perry.

Moodie also said we're shifting from the idea of going dark in the winter. "That's such an old-school way of thinking," comments Moodie, "I think people have been brainwashed into how it has to be, but we've recently been contacted by a girl that has never coloured her hair before, but she's going platinum, and she has naturally black hair, as it's such a big trend right now."

Hair colour ideas: Camille Charriere dirty blonde
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#3: Dirty Blonde

When I asked Norman about the blonde hair trends, other than platinum, she said that a more "dirty" blonde was back with darker pieces underneath, and referenced influencer Camille Charrière as inspiration. The top part is lighter with "natural darker pieces underneath."

Brownsell agrees, revealing that "some clients have been leaving their root regrowth longer in an effort to find other ways of feeling blonde but without the maintenance of a full-on scalp bleach."

Hair colour ideas: Model Hoyeon Jung
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#4: Copper

One colour trend that surprised us was copper. Moodie said that he'd recently worked at the Moschino show in L.A., and model HoYeon Jung had the most incredible copper colour hair, which he can see as a big trend for the coming season. "She doesn't have a 'crazy' haircut, but the colour is strong and empowering."

Hair colour ideas: Lucy Hale with dark hair
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#5: Deep Purple

For brunettes, there's been a bit of shift with a few people, says Norman, requesting purple in their hair. "We have actually had some really dark-haired girls coming in for purple, it looks particularly good on a dark brunette who has long, shiny hair," recommends Norman. However, Norman warns it's not ideal for lighter brunettes, as it can make you look washed out.

Hair colour ideas: Fernanda Ly with pink hair

#6: Millennial Pink

Moving on from the pastel colours, Moodie recommended a millennial pink hue that he'd spotted on Australian model Fernanda Ly. While her hair is long with a fringe, the cotton candy–pink looks "absolutely gorgeous." What with the colour being so popular on everything else, it makes sense that this will now move on to hair. Once coloured, you can keep hair looking great by investing in a product such as Windle & Moodie Nourishing Treatment Shampoo (£19).

Hair colour ideas: Amber le Bon with blorange hair

#7: Blorange

Brownsell said that Bleach's new colours Blorange and Bold as Brass "cater for those wanting to experiment with warmer colours," which she's seen an increase in demand for. Blorange in particular works great with a "rooty balayage." Even better, both of these products will last about 2 to 10 washes "which makes them ideal to play with at home if you want to try a warmer alternative and can be used to maintain your colour when it becomes faded."

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Hair colour ideas: Chrissy Teigen with dark hair
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Chrissy Teigen

Change up lighter hair with this darker colour, as seen on Chrissy Teigen.

Hair colour ideas: Elizabeth Olsen with dip-dye hair
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Elizabeth Olsen

There's something about the dip-dye that we still love. Thanks, Elizabeth Olsen, for reminding us. 

Hair colour ideas: Lucy Hale with blonde hair and dark roots
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Lucy Hale

Have dark, brunette tresses but want to go blonde? This is how to do it. 

Hair colour ideas: Isla Fisher with red hair
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Isla Fisher

We do love a classic red, such as on Isla Fisher. 

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