8 Fall Hair Colors You Should Try, According to L.A.'s Most Requested Colorists

As far as gorgeous, constantly evolving hair color trends go, Los Angeles is the mecca. I say this A) because I live here and have seen the magic firsthand and B) because it's the pulse of Hollywood, where many of the industry's most hair-blessed stars and deeply talented mane artists call home. Or, at least, split their time. While there's a consistent flow of covetable color happening 360 days per year in L.A., the most noticeable uptick in change and experimentation comes right around now, during the turn of the season. It's not the first time we've said it, but there's a shift in energy during the autumnal equinox (be it thanks to fashion week, wardrobe shifts, or forever-ingrained back-to-school nostalgia), sparking a curiosity for a different, stellar hair color—something new, fresh, and preferably something we can run and flip our fingers through with zero abandon. 

Since we're feeling especially excited this month to start plotting a possible transformation (slight or major, we're still not sure), we tapped seven of L.A.'s most in-demand colorists to see which fall-perfect hues they have up their sleeves this season, what looks they foresee the blowing into our radar for fall, and, of course, the best tips and tricks for achieving and maintaining cool, L.A.-inspired hair color. Keep scrolling for eight can't-miss fall hair colors L.A. girls can't stop requesting.