This Is How It Girls in NYC and L.A. Are Dyeing Their Hair

As fleeting and versatile as hair color can be, so too are dye trends, which probably explain why the color du jour changes faster than we can say, "blorange." (How do you say, blorange, anyway?) But what's especially interesting is that hair color trends vary by region, especially from coast to coast. Hence, we tapped the brains of top colorists in L.A. and NYC to get their feedback on the hottest hues of late.

What's interesting is that the color trends seem to coincide with the weather of each region—lighter, brighter shades in L.A. while darker undertones (and colorful, springy hues) maintain their popularity in NYC. However, both areas have one clear trend in common: visible, darker roots. Keep scrolling to find out about more of the popular shades in each city.

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