The One Hair Color Top Colorists Agree Is So Over

As beauty editors, we track the passage of time by taking notice of hair, makeup, and skincare trends. Whether it's using hot rollers (they're back, you know), wearing intense blush, or creating jewel-encrusted nail art, each season has its own beauty products and practices. While 2015 saw the explosion of Kim K. contour and a revival in '90s-esque brown lipstick, 2016 was the year of highlighter and chic, dimensional hair color. So what will 2017 bring?

Last year's buzzy hair color trends included tigereye and rose gold, and beauty girls took a vested interest in switching up their look often. This, naturally, made us curious to find out which hair color trends will come to define 2017 and, more urgently, which trends are dying out from coast to coast. Keep reading to discover three hair colors you'll never see in 2017 (as well as hues that are taking their place).

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