11 Nourishing and Protecting Hair Color Products, as Recommended By Colorists

While taking care of the health and tone of your hair doesn't feel as sexy as bleaching your hair and never looking back, it's important. And, I'd go so far as to say the thrilling, almost euphoric moments post-styling can be replicated again and again with the proper products. But, since everyone's hair color and texture is different, sometimes it takes a professional to recommend the offerings that will really work. So, we tapped a few of our favorites to give us the goods. 

With notable celebrity clients and brand partnerships to boot, the below colorists know their salt in product. They've been working in salons for decades and colored the hair of A-listers for just as long. Below, find the top 12 products they recommend to protect, nourish, and tone your hair. Because healthy hair is good hair, you know. Keep scrolling and before you know it, you'll have the hair of your dreams. Trust me, they're geniuses.