7 Best Hair Colors to Make You Look Younger

They're like a nonsurgical face-lift.

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We Byrdie editors are all about learning the latest and greatest in anti-aging trends. Normally, when we think about things we can do to look younger, our minds gravitate toward skincare products or clever makeup techniques. But the biggest secret in anti-aging actually has everything to do with hair color.

"Simple hair color adjustments can make huge differences," says eSalon colorist Erik Jordan. In other words, while you're busy focusing on treating your skin with anti-aging masks and serums, what you might not notice is that dull, ashy blonde hair or a too-dark brunette color could be undoing all your hard work.

Luckily, there are a few choice hair colors that professionals swear can trick everyone into thinking you're way younger than you are—and not all of them are totally obvious. Keep scrolling to check out some gorgeous hair colors that will take years off your face, from caramel highlights to playful pastels.

Caramel Highlights

Jennifer Lopez

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This is a great option for brunettes looking for an easy change that isn't too extreme. "For brunettes, adding caramel highlights can help to warm and soften facial features," says Peter Oon of Oon Arvelo Salon in NYC. Plus, this look adds dimension to the hair, making it appear as voluminous as it was a decade ago. Take a page out of Jennifer Lopez's book; after all, she can do no wrong.

Golden Melon

Hair Color Ideas - Strawberry Blonde
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If you have lighter hair that's looking a bit ashy, consider venturing into fruit territory—think strawberry blonde or golden melon. Bryce Dallas Howard is well-known for her gorgeous strawberry strands.

Bronde Sombré

Hair Color Ideas - Ombré
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According to celebrity colorist Matt Rez (aka the master behind every cool blonde in L.A.), adding brightness and contrast to the hair is key to looking as youthful as possible.

Pink Champagne

Hair Color Ideas - Kate Hudson
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Playful pastels aren't just for kids. "Pastel shades have had a huge moment over the past few years, showing up on young girls to mature ladies alike," says eSalon Color Director Estelle Baumhauer. Hey, if Kate Hudson is a fan, it must be worth a try.

Broomstick Blonde

Hair Color Ideas - Cara Delevingne
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Cara Delevingne may have the best eyebrows, but she also can rock any hairstyle or color. "Get the look by starting with a base closer to your natural color. Then have your colorist use a combination of foil and balayage highlights a couple of shades lighter than your base to achieve a natural but bright look," says eSalon senior colorist Emily Manatan. 

Golden Bayalage

Halle Berry

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Halle Berry's face-framing golden balayage is incredibly flattering. Jennifer Korab, celebrity hairstylist, says, "Golden balayage creates a shade that will catch the sunlight like a blonde without having to stray from your brunette roots. Adding face framing highlights of lighter golden pieces draws the focus away from any hollow areas, especially the cheeks."

Rich Copper

Ayesha Curry

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Ayesha's red hair = fire. According to Korab, "A rich red, such as auburn or copper, will enhance brunettes and redheads. This gives the appearance of younger and more radiant skin by reflecting light around the face with its warm tint. The deep red has a kick of fiery vibrancy no matter if you go subtle or ultra-bright."

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