12 Pinnable Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

As a human with short hair, I know that the color styles that look most flattering on pixies and bobs aren't the same ones that work for long lengths. The day I first cut my hair to my chin, I had a color appointment waiting for me less than a week later. Because when you don't have 12 inches of hair to hide behind, you have to be strategic with your look.

Personally, I always put my blonde in the hands of Matt Rez, an incredibly talented colorist at Meche Salon in Los Angeles. According to Rez, "The general rule of thumb for shorter hair is that the shorter the hair, the less vertical space there is to create a horizontal graduation." In order to create the dimension and movement that makes for a beautiful hair color, Rez relies on "the high and lowlight effect rather than a super-smoked-out root that fades drastically into ultra-light ends." (I'm telling you, Rez is a freaking artist.) So whether you have blonde, brown, red, black, or even pink or blue hair, keep this idea in mind.

Then scroll through this roundup of hair colors that look rad on short hair, according to a celebrity colorist.