How Solange's Favorite Braiding Salon in Brooklyn Is Changing the Game

Bronx-born braider Susan Oludele is the creative mastermind behind Beyoncé's iconic cornrows in Lemonade, Solange's eccentric beaded styles, and Zoë Kravitz's signature box braids. She's been doing hair since the age of 9 and now has her very own salon in Brooklyn, Hair by Susy, which births some of the most epic styles on the scene and has over 23,000 followers on Instagram. Susan, also known as Susy, doesn't just do hair—she creates statuesque styles that speak to the art of hair. Unconventional, individualistic, and expressively bold are a few words that come to mind when describing her styling aesthetic.

In a world where women of color are often marginalized in the workplace because of the way they choose to wear their natural hair and young girls are being suspended from school, it's imperative to see natural styles being celebrated in all of their glory like this. Susy's styles represent more than just hair. The colorful array of shapes and structures showcased through her work spread an unwavering message of confidence to wear your hair however you choose, despite societal standards of beauty. Susy spoke to us about how she went from homelessness to styling stars in a salon she calls her own.