Nice Buns: A Simple Hairstyle for Every Occasion

Megan Markle Hair: Megan Markle Low Scoop Updo

Back in the day, we hated when our ballet teacher would single us out in class if we forgot to hairnet our bun. A bun was a rigorous style in those days, worn at the barre and the barre only. We have quite a different relationship with the prim look, thanks to the bun’s evolution into an inspiring, modern style. To prove our point, we’ve found a bun for every occasion, and best of all: hairnets aren’t required! 

Keep scrolling to see 10 stunning styles that won’t make you look like a bunhead.

The Tucked-In Chignon

Megan Markle Low Chignon
Chris Jackson / Getty Images

Wear It To: A Monday morning meeting
Get the Look:
Brush your hair, and then gather it into a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Wrap the ponytail into a bun, and tuck the tail underneath the chignon (kind of like you’re making a knot). Pull a few small pieces of hair out of the bun to achieve that model-off-duty vibe. Then tackle any obvious flyaways with a spritz of hairspray, and you’re out the door.

The Big Bun

Bresha Webb

Getty Images/Gary Gershoff/Contributor

Wear It To: Girls' night out
Get the Look:
When you’re going for this much fullness, you’ll want second-day dirty hair and a little help from your trusty dry shampoo. Start by pulling your hair into a ponytail and texturing it with a healthy dose of dry shampoo or volumizing spray. Then, build the look by looping small or medium-sized sections of your hair into a bun and pinning them into place.

The Super-Smooth Sock Bun

Ly Nha Ky

Getty Images / John Phillips / Stringer

Wear It To: A black-tie affair
Get the Look:
First things first: you need an extra-large sock bun or bun form to make this look. Brush your hair into a sky-high, super smooth ponytail. Insert your ponytail through the center of your bun form and roll it down. Smooth the hair over the donut and secure with elastic around the entire bun. Leave one section out. Twist that section around the bun's base to cover the elastic, and pin it into place.

The Upside-Down Top Knot

Messy Bun

Photo by Jenna McElroy; Hair by Makenzi Laine 

Wear It To: The farmer's market on a Saturday morning
Get the Look:
Pull your hair into a low ponytail. Tease the top section of your ponytail until you’ve made a little ball of volume. Flip the ponytail’s smoother bottom section over the teased area, haphazardly wrap the ends around the ponytail base, and pin in place. Muss it all up with your fingers and enjoy the finished look.

The Impossibly Messy Sock Bun

Wear It To: Brunch with the girls
Get the Look:
Again, you’re going to need a sock bun or bun form for this. First, add texture to your hair with a volumizing spray or dry shampoo. Then flip your head over, gather your hair into a high ponytail, and roll your bun form down, pulling out as many pieces as you please—the messier, the better.

The Baby Braided Bun

Wear It To: wherever you've got to go when you have fourth-day hair (no judgment!).
Get the Look:
Loosely tie your hair in a low ponytail, lifting a few sections here and there around the crown of your head to soften the look. Create ½-inch braids from the ponytail. Secure each one with a clear elastic, leaving about an inch-long tail on each. Wind the braids into a bun and pin in place.

The Loosely Tied Loop
Wear it to date night.
Get the Look:
Start with clean, straight hair. Smooth hair gloss over the ends of your hair, or spritz it with shine spray, and pull it into a loose ponytail at the nape of your neck. Flip the ponytail up once, letting an inch or so hang out at the top. Pull a piece or two out of the loop and tie it off. Take a small section of hair from the back and wrap it around the elastic.

The Sleek Chignon

Celebrity Sightings In Paris - December 20, 2018
GC Images / Getty Images

Wear It To: Dinner to meet your significant other's parents
Get the Look:
The sleek chignon only works if your hair can accurately be described as sleek—although a flatiron can also help. Run some shine serum through your hair from root to tip, and then slick your shiny locks back into a low ponytail. Separate the ponytail into two sections. Wrap the first one into a bun, and then do the same with the second section, wrapping it around the first bun. Secure with bobby pins underneath the chignon.

The Undone Side Bun

Wear It To: An afternoon wedding or bridal shower
Get the Look:
Pick a side for your part, and then sweep your strands over just behind the opposite ear. Gather your hair into a relaxed ponytail in your hands. Once you’re satisfied with the placement, twist the ponytail into a bun. Pin the sides all the way around, and lock it in place with a generous coat of hairspray.

The Half Bun

Yara Shahidi
Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Wear It To: Happy hour
Get the Look:
Separate the top section of your hair. Smooth it back, creating a ponytail at the top of your head. Twist the hair into a bun and pin it in place with bobby pins. Rough up the sides that are down and reapply your lipstick, just for good measure.

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