The Only 17 Products That Actually Fix Hair Breakage, Damage, and Split Ends

Remember that one episode of Sex and the City when Charlotte was concerned that her hair looked too shiny? I've never had that concern in my life. Given that I've practically bleached and heat-styled my hair to death, damage, breakage, split ends, and an overall not-so-soft texture are my particular hair concerns. And I'm not alone.

Even though my fellow Byrdie editors have different hair types, textures, and lengths, breakage is something we all deal with. According to Nunzio Saviano, owner of Nunzio Saviano Salon in New York City, overcoloring, highlighting, hot tools, and infrequent conditioning can all lead to damage. Of course, laying off the color and hot tools are good preventative measure to take, but sometimes you need to bring in the big guns.

Which is where these products come in: Using the right restorative hair treatments, masks, and oils actually heals and moisturizes hair from the inside out. Looking to repair your broken strands? Here's how Byrdie editors do it—keep scrolling to the find the hair-breakage treatments we swear by.