These 7 Silky Headpieces Are So Pretty, You'll Want To Wear Them Everywhere

From African print to gold lamé.

silke london silk bonnet


Sleeping on a silk pillowcase or covering your tresses with a silk wrap or bonnet is a must to keep the hair hydrated, frizz-free, and the split ends away. This practice is especially important for natural hair depending on your hair type because breakage and snapping ends can run rampant without moisture and the right nighttime headgear.

As I was prepping to write this article, I thought to myself: I can't remember not wearing a bonnet or a scarf to bed. My sister still has her green printed scarf from our cheerleading days in the 90's. I guess it's safe to say our wraps and bonnets become more than just a means to keep our hair protected or our hairstyle from budging — they're a security blanket, too.

While scarves and bonnets are exclusively known for being worn in the house (at least in my household), designers are finding ways to normalize the wearing of headwraps, scarves, and even bonnet-esque turbans beyond our bedrooms.

They are offering up options in everything from traditional African print to gold lamé.

For many, it is a stretch to wear fabric on our heads outside of the home. Black women are criticized for wearing our culture proudly until it becomes in vogue when white celebrities and fashion designers send it down the red carpet or runway. So, I understand the apprehension.

But, hey, even if you aren't quite ready to rock a fly wrap out on the town, who says you can't wake up from your slumber feeling like a queen. This collection of wraps and bonnets will keep your hair healthy and in style.

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Cee Cee's Closet Feza Silk Lined Headwrap

Cee Cee's Closet
Cee Cee’s Closet NYC Feza Silk Lined Headwrap $38.00

If you want an option you can wear overnight or day-to-day, Cee Cee's closet burgundy, gold, and black poly-silk lined wrap will make you feel like royalty. Since this wrap doesn't come pre-tied, watch a few of their tutorials to get a grasp on the technique. I found that practicing a few times in the mirror helped me find the best way to tie my wraps.

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Silke London 'The Dita'

Silke the Dita
Silke London The Dita $60.00

Every style from cornrows, twists outs, to silk presses can benefit from this stylish, 100% pure mulberry silk turban. Silke claims their turban can promote hair growth, help you wash your hair less, and naturally condition overnight. You may be wondering if this silky headpiece will stay on overnight, and the answer is yes thanks to its elastic headband.

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Isoken Enofe 'Amara'

Isoken Enofe Amara $25.00

Finding a bonnet to fit my hair when I had faux locs felt impossible. Not only does this bonnet secure a lot of hair, but the Ankara print will bring the tradition and pride of African culture to your nighttime routine. 

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Vernon Francois' Sleep-In Silk Cap

Vernon Francois Sleep-In Silk Cap
Vernon Francois Sleep-In Silk Cap $25.00

There is nothing like a classic black bonnet. One of my issues with this type of bonnet is that due to my tossing and turning, I can guarantee it will end up across the room in the morning. Vernon Francois' Sleep-In Silk Cap keeps wild sleepers like me in mind by designing a signature black bonnet with a black band (that ties) to keep the satin cap in place.

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Grace Eleyae Mustard Satin-Lined Knot Turban

Grace Eleyae Knot Turban
Grace Eleyae Mustard Satin-Lined Knot Turban $44.95

Yellow is always a good option. What I love about this turban is the ability to wear it at night to protect and during the day with a bit of fringe out to hide a not so great hair day. For those of us with a lot of hair, you might be thinking this one isn't for you, but Grace thought about us with this new design. The knot is adjustable to make more room for big hair.

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Raspberry Ripple Cape Silk Scarf

Ted Baker Scarf
RROBYN Raspberry Ripple cape silk scarf $175.00

A silk scarf is an ultimate multitasker. You can use it to tie down your edges, sleep in overnight, or wear it over your hair like a bandana. If you're unsure of how to make this look work in the real world get some inspiration from beauty mavens like Jackie Aina and Rihanna (Wild Thoughts video).

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Loza Tam 'Ashanti' Gold Metallic Head Wrap Turban

Ashanti Gold Metallic Head Wrap Turban
Loza Tam Ashanti Gold Metallic Head Wrap Turban $50.00

A gold turban lined with satin? Sign me up, please. An option as fly as this would be ideal for early morning flights, Sunday brunches (while your deep condition underneath), or just to make you feel good each time you look in the mirror at home. Whatever the occasion, it works.

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