Hailey Bieber Channeled Audrey Hepburn With a Hair Bow and Glazed Tiffany-Blue Nails

Classic elegance with a modern twist.

Hailey Bieber wearing a hair bow


On April 27, Tiffany & Co. reopened its iconic 5th Avenue store in NYC with a glamorous party that was packed with the world’s biggest stars. Everyone in attendance was decked out in Tiffany jewelry, of course, but Hailey Bieber went the unexpected route with strands of pearls instead of diamonds. Paired with her little black dress, sleek updo, and Tiffany blue nails, she looked exactly like a modern Audrey Hepburn.

hailey bieber

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You can leave it to Bieber to add a minimalist, chic touch to something that could otherwise look costumey, and last night's look was no exception. Instead of recreating Hepburn's Breakfast at Tiffany's look, she simply reimagined it in a modern way. She wore a black midi dress with a classic straight neckline, juxtaposed by futuristic puffed straps. In true Hepburn style, Bieber wore a stack of pearl necklaces and matched them to her pearl drop earrings. Her stylist, Karla Welch, finished the outfit off with sexy black mule sandals.

After taking a break from her signature glazed manicure, Bieber returned to the look with a classic Tiffany blue glaze. Celebrity nail artist, Zola Ganzorigt—who first invented Bieber’s pearly glazed nails at the 2022 Met Gala—created the manicure by applying a Tiffany blue nail polish to Bieber’s go-to long almond-shaped nails. We assume Ganzorigt glazed Bieber’s manicure in the way she always does, by applying the OPI Tin Man Can Chrome Powder (a pro-only product) on top for a reflective finish.

Her hairstylist, Danielle Priano, gave Bieber a sleek updo with a slicked-back bun that features tons of shine. Instead of creating micro bangs for the star—which could have taken the look into costume territory—Priano instead created a deep side part in Bieber’s hair and added a twist on the part’s fuller side that traveled from her hairline to her bun. For an extra dash of elegance, Priano finished the look off with a timeless-yet-trending black satin bow at the base of Bieber’s bun.

Bieber has been having fun with her eyeliner as of late (she recently wore both yellow and lavender wings), so makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes created a simple rusty brown winged liner with hints of red. Her liner created a monochromatic moment that complimented Bieber’s warm-toned blush and terracotta lips. It's a look that's sure to be a modern classic.

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