Hailey Bieber Traded Her Usual Glazed Donut for a Pink Lemonade Beauty Look

A coquette moment for Mrs. Bieber.

Hailey Bieber with bows in her hair, pink eyeliner, and yellow nails

@maryphillips / Instagram

If she's known for anything regarding makeup routines, Hailey Bieber is the person to turn to for all things dewy skin and monochromatic makeup. Although the Rhode founder's glams have erred on the natural side lately, she showed her fun side with a geometric yet coquettish twist on the baby pink makeup trend

On March 5, Bieber's glam team posted a photo of the model-turned-beauty founder wearing a black leather jacket, a white crew neck tee, strawberry, shaped drop earrings, and rings. 

Hailey Bieber with bows in her hair, pink eyeliner, and yellow nails

@maryphillips / Instagram

Her beauty look can only be described as "coquette meets pink lemonade." Her makeup artist, Mary Philips (yes, the Mary Philips), first created a dewy base, which we can only assume includes Bieber's iconic barely-there contouring technique that took Tiktok by storm this year. After that, Philips tapped into the baby pink makeup trend that's been circulating the web, adding a rosy flush to Bieber's cheeks, a bright pink glossy pout, and pink liner to finish the monochromatic look off. "Brought the neons out with @haileybieber," Philips writes in her Instagram post of the star, pointing to the geometric neon pink winged liner she created for Bieber.

Furthermore, Bieber has been rocking a glazed donut manicure for what seems like forever. Her nail artist, Zola Ganzorigtn (again—yes, the Zola Ganzorigtn), created a glazed lemon manicure, a play on the iconic glazed donut manicure Ganzorigtn made for Mrs. Bieber at the 2022 Met Gala. Bieber's manicure features a bright, opaque yellow base that peers through the chrome-effect topcoat Ganzorigtn typically uses to achieve a glazed effect. Her nails have a neon quality, which screams pink lemonade when put next to Bieber's liner.

But here's where her coquettish style comes into play: Bieber's hairstylist, Amanda Lee, styled tiny undone French braids on Bieber, which start at the star's hairline and end at the crown of her head. Lee placed delicate pale pink bows throughout Bieber's braids, adding a cute touch to Bieber's otherwise editorial-looking makeup and manicure. 

Here's the thing: Like many of us, Bieber reliably holds onto the glams, manicures, and hairstyles that she knows work for her. That's why we've been seeing different iterations of her pin-straight bob, her glazed donut manicure (hello, strawberry, chocolate, and even "Barbie" glaze), and her monochromatic makeup routines. Her latest glam, though, features something different in every department, like a bright graphic liner, hair accessories, and an opaque twist on her typically sheer manicure. 

She teaches everyone a valuable lesson with her playful beauty moves this time around: Beauty shouldn't be monotonous, and you can hold onto the routines you know you look damn good in while still having fun. If that means using a colored mascara instead of your typical formula, or trying on a new shade for your go-to eyeshadow technique, don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. It's beauty, after all, and it'll wash out if you're not a fan of the final result—but it's still worth trying.

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