Hailey Bieber's Blunt Mini-Bob Is One of This Year's Biggest Haircut Trends

Inspired by Margot Tenenbaum.

Hailey bieber wearing blunt mini bob and mini skirt

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You might say that Hailey Bieber gets her inspiration from Gwyneth Paltrow by taking a skin-wellness approach with her skincare line, Rhode. Bieber, however, made a different comparison of herself to the Goop founder over the weekend, posting a photo to her Instagram story on January 22 with the caption, “Margot Tenenbaum for the foreseeable future.” Besides her obvious sartorial tip of the hat to the Wes Anderson film The Royal Tenenbaums, Bieber’s new mini bob is Margot Tenenbaum, played by Paltrow, through and through.

Here’s the thing: most people who dress like Margot Tenenbaum save the look for Halloween since it veers into caricature territory if worn exactly like the character in the film. Bieber, however, added her own flair to the hairstyle for a casual Sunday stroll (with her husband, Justin Bieber, in tow) through NYC.

She went with a dark academia-inspired outfit, wearing a tan v-neck sweater over a white crew neck tee, a grey mini schoolgirl skirt, black tights, and white slouchy socks with black polished leather loafers. She accessorized the look with black sunglasses with a silver wire frame, a cream Veneta Bottega crossbody bag, and, of course, a key piece to any Margot Tenenbaum-inspired look—an oversized floor-length peacoat (yes, Margot wears a fur coat throughout the film, but the effect here is the same).

But, the quintessential part of Bieber’s off-duty Tenenbaum look doesn’t have to do with her outfit or glam—it’s all in the hair. Bieber showed off her new mini bob, which features a middle part and blunt ends, creating a perfect layer-free mini bob below her jaw.

inspo photo hailey beiber tenenbaum instagram stories

Hailey Bieber

As far as color is concerned, Bieber chose a hue that lives right between the chocolate brown and copper hair colors that are trending right now. Her auburn color is dark enough to appear brown in low lighting yet has enough copper tones to look vibrant during the day. Because the pin-straight “Tenenbaum” bob that Margot wears in the film is pretty hard to upkeep, especially if you have thicker hair texture, Bieber simplified the look making it more wearable by adding a few body-building waves throughout her strands.

hailey bieber mini bob tenenbaum

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Bieber’s haircut is great inspo for anyone looking to spruce up their strands this winter. With stark, face-framing lines and sharp ends, Bieber’s mini bob is the polar opposite of the ultra-textured and layered looks that recent trends like wolf cuts and piece-y bangs have popularized. Still, with the slightest wave and a nod to several color trends surfacing this season, this look proves that you *can* dress like your favorite film character outside of spooky season.

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