Hailey Bieber's Glazed, Siren-Inspired Makeup Is Giving Modern Mermaid

A masterclass on the wet look.

Hailey Bieber mermaid eyes

@haileybieber / Instagram

Despite her history of trendsetting (think: big boxy blazers, blunt bobs, and donut skin), Hailey Bieber is not above trying something new and buzzy with her look. In the past few weeks alone, she's ditched her usual pearly glaze for a strawberry milk mani, switched up her glossy glow with a semi-matte finish, and put her own spin on the coquette trend. And this week, she's giving modern mermaid with a glazed, siren-inspired makeup look.

In case you've been living under a rock, mermaidcore is one of 2023's dominant aesthetics. Between Halle Bailey's fashion on The Little Mermaid press tour, slick skin on TikTok, and all those netted shell looks on the runway, everyone is channeling their inner Ariel right now. For her part, Bieber tapped celebrity makeup artist Nikki Wolf to create a seductive, super-wet look for her first day in London while the model-slash-beauty-founder is hard at work launching her skincare brand Rhode in the U.K.

Lucky for us, she's not keeping the makeup details a secret. In a video posted to Instagram, Wolf broke down the look, starting, of course, with skin prep via Rhode. The makeup artist applied the brand's Barrier Restore Cream ($29) to Bieber's face (followed by a quick swipe of the brand's beloved Lip Balm) to set an ultra-hydrated base and ensure her glam stays put.

Next up, she evened out the model's skin, applying a radiant foundation with a soft brush and concealer to her under eyes for a bright, luminous finish. Followed by a subtle sculpt below her cheekbones and around her forehead to frame the face, Bieber's signature bronzed glow was fully intact.

Hailey Bieber mermaid eyes

@haileybieber / Instagram

Now comes the good part: Bieber's mermaid-worthy eye look. To start out, Wolf first sculpted her eyes with a soft shadow, in a complementary shade to her bronzer, adding a delicate dark brown wing with a liner brush at the outer corners, which she blended out towards her temple. Finally, Wolf added a coat of sparkling, lavender-pink shadow to catch the light, topping it all with a more precise dark brown wing (courtesy of some liquid liner) and a few coats of volumizing mascara.

After a quick brow fill and a final dusting of blush and highlighter, Wolf finished the look with a sexy overlined nude lip. Outlining the bottom and top of Bieber's lips (along with shaping to the middle of her lower lip) with a pencil, Wolf set the base for a souped-up gym lips look, complete with a juicy fishing thanks to another application of Rhode lip treatment.

Alongside her slicked-back bob, the resulting effect is pure mermaid magic.

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