Exclusive: Hailey Bieber Tells Us the Beauty Product She Avoids on Date Night


Courtesy of the brand

The first thing I notice about Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin) is how incredibly normal she appears. I don't mean that she isn't gorgeous in that specific '90s supermodel sort of way—of that, there's no denying. With the bone structure of a Renaissance statue and the lithe air of an ex-ballet dancer (which she is, but that’s besides the point), Bieber is striking—far from anything anyone would consider normal. But her personality is. When I meet her, she’s at once warm, friendly, and personable. She apologizes for being on the phone at the start of our interview (could she be talking to Justin?), and asks me where I’m from (because of my lack of a SoCal accent). She makes me feel at ease, and certainly possesses the “chill girl” factor. Over the next few minutes, we discuss everything from date-night makeup to how certain wellness rituals changed her life—keep scrolling to get to know Hailey Bieber.